Maddie's Creamy Sensation Dressing

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This Dressing is everything you would expect in a traditional sensation dressing but without the bite of a strong vinegar or lemon taste. Maddie’s Creamy Dressing is made with all fresh ingredients and imported parmesan Cheese. Maddie’s goal with this dressing was to cut the acid content of the original dressing but still have a taste similar to sensation dressing. Since it doesn’t have the harshness of a vinaigrette, this dressing is tolerated with her stomach issues. She produced  a dressing like no other on the market, a cross between a ranch and a sensation dressing. This dressing is great for vegetable trays, fish tacos, Italian pastas and on salads. It’s also a great marinade to cook with. This dressing also has no preservatives, is gluten free,0- sugar  and is all fresh.